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15 Things Megan Fox Spends Her Millions

Published on 08/07/21 / In Entertainment

Megan Fox is the queen of surprises, unexpectedly spending her millions on some wild stuff.

Sure she’s into the typical girly things, but she has also made her share of crazy purchases that made us say huh. She still does focus on the important stuff by donating to multiple charities but there is some crazy stuff thrown into the mix with the normal.

Imagine getting a pig, dog, cat, or pair of birds for almost three hundred thousand dollars? Let’s not forget buying three cars that add up to three million dollars or more in total. Sheesh, it’s a wild ride but the star is allowed to get whatever makes her happy. And yes, that includes cool shoes, handbags, a few crystals, vacations, and the ever-present love of video games. She’s spent a few hundred dollars on Halo, Fortnite, Uncharted, and her favorite, Mortal Kombat, giving us a fun view of her life despite the spotlight she lives in.

So, Megan Fox, a star-studded actress and model, spends her money as she sees fit and we just gotta celebrate it with her. At the end of it all, she has control of her money and no one can tell her otherwise. So, maybe you should buy that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing! Let us know in the comments what you think about some of her purchases and don’t forget to hit that like button. Click subscribe to get more access to videos from us, here at The Things Celebrity!

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0:00 INTRO
0:23 Los Angeles Airbnb Rental
1:00 Healing Rituals
1:35 Crystals
1:58 Mercedes Benz G550
2:26 Toluca Lake House
3:07 Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG
3:38 BMW 5 Series
4:11 Vacations
4:47 Tattoos
5:12 Pet Bengal Cat
5:37 Pet Pig
5:55 Pet Parrots
6:34 Donations
7:03 Christian Dior Intrigante
7:27 CC Skye Leight Fringe Bag
8:09 END

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Written by: Aneka Shinohara
Narrated by: Natalie Rankin
Edited by: Steven Suñe

For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]

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