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2019 Vw Touareg - Innovision Cockpit & Trailer Assist Explained

Published on 09/15/18 / In Other

Volkswagen presented the completely redeveloped Touareg in China - the flagship of the brand. Equipped with the connectivity of a new era and a pioneering fusion of assistance, comfort, lighting and infotainment systems.

Innovision Cockpit - matrix of the digital world
The 'Innovision Cockpit' is celebrating its world premiere in the third generation Touareg. The majority of its buttons are integrated into the 15-inch screen (1,920 x 1,020 pixels) of the top 'Discover Premium' infotainment system, which is curved towards the driver. The cockpit also includes control of the four-zone air conditioning system and operation of seat heating, seat ventilation and massage. Meanwhile, intuitively and frequently used switches, such as volume control, were intentionally implemented as analogue controls (it is also possible to adjust volume from the infotainment system's touchscreen). To the side of the driver, the glass-covered display of the Discover Premium visually merges with the similarly glass-covered Digital Cockpit - the Volkswagen Touareg's 12-inch, high-resolution digital instrument cluster (1,920 x 720 pixels). The two screens form a uniform digital landscape in 'one-screen design' along a single visual and operating axis. Other features of the Innovision Cockpit: the 'Deluxe telephony' function, an inductive charging function for smartphones, App Connect (integrates MirrorLinkÒ, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, thereby covering all common Apple and Android smartphones), Media Control (integration of tablets), four USB ports (the two front ports interface to the infotainment system with a charging function; the two rear ports only provide charging) and a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices. An optional add-on to the Innovision Cockpit is a Head-up Display, which projects key information into the virtual space in front of the driver on the windscreen.

Head-up Display in detail
Information of the 'Windshield Head-up Display' is projected directly onto the windscreen. The display is located in the driver's direct visual field - this means that drivers can see all key information without having to divert their gaze from the road. The Head-up Display is the largest display of its type offered by Volkswagen with a virtual screen size of 217 x 88 mm. The driver can vary the types of information shown in the Head-up Display.

'Night Vision'
The new VW Touareg is the first Volkswagen to be available with a night-time assistance system: 'Night Vision'. Its thermal imaging camera (infrared camera) registers the infrared radiation emitted by living beings. Any people or animals it detects are highlighted in colour on a black-and-white image: green or red according to the level of risk. The image itself is relayed to the Digital Cockpit. If Night Vision detects a hazard, it actively warns the driver (by an indicator in the Digital Cockpit and optional Head-up Display). Simultaneously, the brakes and the Brake Assist System are pre-conditioned to prepare them for immediate maximum braking power. By virtue of the new, interactive 'IQ.Light - LED matrix headlights', the system illuminates, by a brief flash, any people in the potential danger zone to make them even more visible to the driver and to warn them. This marker light is offered exclusively in conjunction with Night Vision. The combination of Night Vision and 'IQ.Light - LED matrix headlights' enables much earlier awareness and reaction to hazardous situations.

Trailer Assist
'Trailer Assist' relieves drivers of the complicated re-thinking otherwise required while reversing with a trailer, namely having to turn the steering wheel to the left to get the trailer to turn to the right - and vice versa. Another overall goal was to make reversing straight back over longer distances easier and more precise. Trailer Assist is now able to do this almost automatically by itself. To reverse a Touareg with a trailer into a driveway or parking bay from the street, all the driver needs to do is stop at a suitable spot and engage reverse gear. The system is activated by pushing a button. Then the current driving angle and possible angles are visualised in the instrument cluster. These are computed by image processing algorithms based on data from the rear-view camera system, which monitors and analyses the articulation angle between the car and the trailer. By using the mirror adjustment switch, which serves as a sort of joystick, the driver can adjust the desired driving direction of the car-trailer combination. The Volkswagen Touareg executes the steering commands entered by the driver, who only needs to operate the accelerator pedal and the brake. The driving direction of the car-trailer combination is set by automatic control of the electromechanical power steering.

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