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An Apology, MSM Targets PewDiePie Again & Is Jacob Anderson The New Brock Turner?

Published on 12/13/18 / In People & Blogs

Tuesday!...was a...special one….yep.
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Milo Ventimiglia Reading Thirst Tweets:https://youtu.be/ATqEsETjubs
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Secret Link: https://youtu.be/z-XHao1YH9w
Important Links/Sources:
Pewdiepie vs. T-Series: https://youtu.be/aSAVPnyQ0bw?t=455

Pewdiepie Raises Funds for CRY:

Backlash over Pewdiepie Shout Out:
*links not provided due to potential Recommended exclusion issues with YouTube*

Baylor Frat President Gets No Jail Time:
*links not provided due to potential Recommended exclusion issues with YouTube*
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Brian Espinoza, Neena Pesqueda, Cecelia Applegate
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