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Annie and Mikasa make a video (AOT VR)

Published on 11 Apr 2022 / In People & Blogs

Hey what's up peeps, today's AOT VR video is all about why ANNIE AND MIKASA MAKE A VIDEO ! ANNIE came up with the idea to get "revenge" on ARMIN for watching PIECK do the BUGS BUNNY CHALLENGE , and it was for her and MIKASA to dress up in the same costume!

Now, ANNIE and MIKASA don't actually do the BUGS BUNNY CHALLENGE or BUNNY CHALLENGE from TIKTOK in this video, but they might soon. ;)

ATTACK ON TITAN is a fantastic anime, so I love making these VRCHAT ATTACK ON TITAN / VRCHAT AOT videos! If you would like to see more of ANNIE LEONHART and MIKASA ACKERMAN , then show me by dropping a like!

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"Annie and Mikasa make a video (AOT VR)"

You read far enough, now get the phuck out of here! :D

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