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Best Exercises To Improve Back Engagement & Fix Poor Posture

Published on 04/14/20 / In Other

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From my experience these are some of the most effective exercises which have helped myself and my clients to improve overall engagement when performing rowing movements. Implementing these exercises into your routine on a regular basis can also have a significant effect on improving your posture.

A sample routine:

A1 - Weightless Standing Neutral Rows (12-15 Reps)
A2 - Weightless Standing Pronated High Rows (12-15 Reps)

2-3 sets

B - Incline Bench Straight Arm Row (10-12 Reps)

3-4 sets

C - Incline Bench Bent Arm Row (10-12 Reps)

3-4 sets

D - Standing Straight Arm Low Cable Row (10-12 Reps)

3-4 sets

E - Seated One Arm Cable Row (10 Reps)

3 sets

F - Kneeling Rope Cable Row (12-15 Reps)

3-4 sets

G - Bent Over Supinated Grip BB Row (10-12 Reps)

3-4 Sets

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