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Chest Training With Mike Thurston

Published on 04/14/20 / In Other

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I rarely train chest on it's own, I'll usually split it with another muscle group as my pecs are my strong point. I would change my wording at that start of the video and say it's NOT a waste of time, I'm still making gains.. What I meant to say is that my time is better spent training another muscle group (one which could do with improvement) in the same session. This is especially true for those who are limited to how many times per week they can hit the gym and train.

The DOMS after this session was crazy! Give it a try and let me know how it goes...

The Routine:

A1: DB Bench Press (5 Sets) - 6-8 Reps (2010)

B1: DB Bench Press (3 Sets) - 10 Reps (4011)

C1: Cable Fly (Bench on slight incline, 4 Sets) - 10 Reps (3011)

D1: BB Bench Press w. Chains (Bench on slight decline, 4 Sets) - 8-10 Reps (2010), last set dropset

E1: Alternating Cable Press (Slight Incline, 4 Sets) - 16-20 Reps
E2: Press Ups - Failure (10 minimum, knees on ground if necessary)

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