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Coffee Talk // Let's get personal , How I deal with Stress & Anxiety | Sanne Vloet

Published on 08/20/21 / In LifeStyle

Coffee Talk | Let's get personal - How I deal with stress & anxiety with Jason Gorskie | Sanne Vloet


Happy Friday! Are you excited for the weekend to start? WHAT an incredible week it has been! Max, Jason, Jessie, and I have been super busy with the pre-orders for the Nekohama matcha launch. If you put your order in already, there’s a big chance that we packed it in the last few days and it’s on the way to you! We had some late nights but Jason and I managed to film a new video for you.

In my latest video about period loss, I mentioned often the effects of stress on me. 2020 was definitely not an easy year for everyone and also I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety. I believe our mental wellness is just as important as our physical wellness.

I am so thankful that you are part of this wellness journey with me so I wanted to share my experiences and the things Jason and I worked on to manage stress & anxiety with you. Jason is one of my best friends but he is also a mindset coach. He has guided me a lot through my personal struggles and was able to help me to put language to my feelings!

How do you cope with anxiety or stress?

I hope you enjoy this Coffee talk and if you have any questions for us - please don't hesitate to reach in the comments down below or on Instagram.

You can also book a 1:1 session on the app " Intro Expert " with Jason or me. I will link this down below!


Big warm hugs,


Nekohama matcha: https://nekohama.co
Nekohama glass matcha bowl: https://nekohama.co/products/bowl

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