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Dumbbell Leg Workout | Home or Gym - Make Gains Anywhere!

Published on 19 May 2021 / In Sports

Dumbbell Leg Workout | Home or Gym - Make Gains Anywhere

When you have access to limited equipment, it’s important to use techniques that will help you make progress without going heavier. These techniques include switching to single-leg exercises, slowing down the exercise tempo, changing exercise angles, and using isometric holds. Even if you train at a gym, this workout will challenge you! You’ll find that your strength in other lifts will increase just by becoming stronger in the single-leg lifts.
Full Workout, 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps:
1. Cossack squat
2. B-stance SLDL
3a. Sumo deadlift
3b. Goblet squat
4a. DB good morning
4b. Skater squat
5. Wall sit (as long as you can hold it)

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Train hard, y'all!

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