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Eccentric Training For Bigger Biceps & Triceps

Published on 04/14/20 / In Sports

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- Eccentric training can generate up to 1.3 times more tension than concentric training. Greater tension provides increased stimulus to the muscle fibers, which in turn encourages greater biological adaptations.

- Strength coaches recommend using anywhere from 100% to 175% of maximum for optimal loading in eccentric work.

- Tempo should dictate how much weight you use - you should have a preset time of lowering (i.e., six seconds) in your mind before doing your set.

- Use heavier weight & slower tempo (6+ sec) for fewer reps & more sets in a given exercise.

- Eccentric training can be hazardous with certain exercises if the spotters are not properly trained or are not attentive.

- Embarking too early on an eccentric program could damage connective tissue and place the athlete at a high risk of muscle injury.

- Excessive eccentric training could result in overtraining and injuries.

- In this workout my rep ranges were 8-10, negatives 4-6 seconds, with no more than 3 sets being performed for each exercise.

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