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Every Damn Day Fitness vs OFFICIALTHENX – Spot Reducing Fat | Are we overreacting?

Published on 04/18/20 / In Sports

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Most of us have at least one spot on our body that we just can’t seem to tone up. It’s like our fat cells got together, had a meeting, and conspired against us, unanimously deciding “Hey, you know what’d be great? If we just set up camp right around that lower tummy area and cling on for all eternity no matter what our unsuspecting host does to try to get rid of us. Yeah, great idea!”
Fat cells can be jerks like that.

If you’re relating to this, then you have probably also thought about how awesome it’d be if you could focus your workouts to target just THAT spot.

There’s a lot out there telling us we can target that belly fat with one of those ab contraption things, or a specific workout. And there’s a lot telling us we can target that stubborn thigh fat with even weirder contraptions and workouts.

Alas, there are also a lot of really established fitness experts out there, telling us we can’t spot reduce fat that way, and that we’re better off with a well rounded fitness regimen.

But wait, recently there seem to be fitness personalities out there telling us that in fact, we CAN spot reduce….
And, looking into it more, it looks like there’s a battle raging in the fitness community with people on both sides, saying you CAN and you CANNOT spot reduce fat. Cue in the recent Every Damn Day Fitness vs OFFICIALTHENX feud. Just recently, Every Damn Day Fitness’s Alan Roberts called out Chris Heria from OfficialThenx on his use of spot reduction in one of his videos.

We understand your cloud of confusion, and we’re here, in our XTRA ordinary way to lay it all out for you, giving you the full story on both sides.
So, is spot reduction possible? In short: nope! But also kinda. But in the end, pretty much nope.
That’s nice and straightforward for you, isn’t it?
Don’t worry. Watch the video, and get the full story.

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