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He Had Hair Transplant Surgery! (My Husband's Story) | Melanie Murphy & Thomas

Published on 12/22/21 / In People & Blogs

My husband Thomas's FUE hair transplant surgery experience...before, during and after (the results!). He's like a new man, I've seen a HUGE shift in his confidence and I'm SO happy for him!

► Hair Restoration Blackrock's website (where my husband had his procedure done): http://www.hrbr.ie

I'm so proud of my husband for being so open about his experience with male pattern baldness and how it made him feel, how it impacted him on a day to day basis. This was the right decision for him - he was planning on getting a hair transplant for many years, actually started looking into it in his early twenties...if I hadn't organised it for him, he perhaps would have had it done until he was a bit older and more established in his career, but he's overjoyed that he now gets to spend his 30s with one big concern lifted off his shoulders! The purpose of this video is to spark conversation and to reach others who are dealing with this. Many men struggle in silence and it can really have a traumatising effect.

Thomas had FUE treatment...here's a little more about FUE from the website above, which you can visit for loads more information on procedures like this!

- FUE is another method of obtaining donor hair for transplantation. Follicular units are taken individually from the donor area on the scalp using a blunt-tipped punch tool which is used to extract the individual follicles from the scalp. This differs from FUT, where a donor strip of skin is taken and the follicular units are microscopically dissected from that strip!

► The video we posted last year about Thomas's insecurities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxyMg7a54PA&t=150s
► More of the videos Thomas and I have made together! https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLEOdtoJghxa

MY INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/melaniiemurphy/

Huge thank you to HRBR for offering us a discount on Thomas's procedure. We're absolutely delighted to share the impact that HRBR can have on a person's life! Thomas would recommend them to anybody and had a wonderful experience with them from beginning to end! The confidence my husband exudes every morning, now...worth every penny.

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