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How To Get The Best Muscle Pump

Published on 04/14/20 / In Other

How to get the biggest and best muscle pump before a photoshoot, the beach, a pool party or a bodybuilding show.

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The Workout:

3-4 rounds for each superset

A1: Chest press (10-12 reps)
A2: Bent over row (10-12 reps) 70-80 seconds rest

B1: Pull up (8-10 reps)
B2: Shoulder press (10-12 reps) 70-80 seconds rest

C1: Chest fly (12-15 reps)
C2: Lateral raise (12-15 reps) 60-70 seconds rest

D1: Bicep curl (12-15 reps)
D2: Tricep extension (12-15 reps) 60-70 seconds rest

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