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how to make a ‘vision board’ that actually WORKS ✨

Published on 12/22/21 / In People & Blogs

How to make a vision board that really works (my secret manifestation hack!) AND my current five year vision board - a work in progress!

► My last video about manifestation! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvs7WKnlJbQ&t=792s

Everything (apart from the BIG WHITE DOG lol) from my vision boards has come to me over the past 12 years, and so much more...things I've focused my MIND ON, and thus MY TIME on. I really really hope something in this video helps or inspires you and share with me if it does! Thumbs up the video for more content like this! :)

00:00 Intro!
01:31 Why do vision boards work?
02:40 The power of the mind
(study mentioned, one of SO MANY) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/14998709/
03:10 When I got into vision boards
04:25 No rules
5:18 Trust the timing / my vision boards have COME TRUE
7:16 How to get started
10:09 When your gut overrides your vision and brings you something EVEN BETTER than what you wanted
13:01 My 'vision board' photo album for the next 5 years...a work in progress! I add to it ALL the time! From things I want to experience, to people I want to be like, to places I want to visit, to the income I'd like to maintain and more...
36:14 Outro

You can literally include images of ANYTHING on your vision board...the floor is now yours...share with me one thing on YOUR vision board (or that you want to put on it) down in the comments!

BACKGROUND MUSIC by the wonderful Amarante! https://www.youtube.com/c/AmaranteMusicVideos

MY LINKS! (Instagram, books etc!): https://direct.me/melaniemurphy

Video is not sponsored x

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