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How to Set Up for a Contest Prep - Week 2 - By APD. Holly Baxter and Dr. Layne Norton

Published on 10 Sep 2021 / In Sports

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Week 2 - Physiological factors effecting weight loss

1. How the Menstrual cycle effects body weight.
2. Hormones - i.e. testosterone levels and how this effects progress during a calorie deficit. Next week we will talk about hormones ghrelin and leptin.
3. What is the science says about resistance training for women when on their period.
4. The effects of dietary fiber, food volumes and body weight.

I also explain why I am including diet breaks and how I have included them as part of my preparation.
I also give you some alternative strategies if you have a shorter time frame to complete your diet.

I discuss;
1. What is the most accurate way to track your body weight
2. My weekly calorie/macro targets and what you should do when your weight doesn’t change.
3. I also talk about my cardio and how this changes throughout my preparation

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Accredited Practicing Dietitian
APD. Holly Baxter
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