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I Hate Fake Influencers - What You See Here Is Real | MIAMI MUSCLE

Published on 10 Jul 2021 / In Sports

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LAYLA, 31, who lives in Ohio, began strength training four years ago to prove to herself how much pain she can take. Coming from an unsupportive family background, she has overcome these adversities with her steadfast determination. Layla explained: “I'm the anti-influencer bodybuilder, for me, bodybuilding is about how much pain I can handle.” Her dedication to the sport has led to results on the stage. Two years ago she decided to get “serious” about lifting, so began bodybuilding and recently came top of the class in the first show she’s ever competed in. For her second competition ever, she won the whole show. Layla said that she wants to be an inspiration to others, but not like the “toxic positivity” seen on social media.

Follow Layla here - https://www.instagram.com/visceral.rascal/

With thanks to Jonathan Neilson and Keith Harney for the use of their photos.
Videographer: Nate Spicer
Producers: Kate Moore, Charles Richards
Editor: Ethan Edwards

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