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Icelandic Power Plant Turns CO2 Emmisions Into Stone

Published on 07/18/19 / In News & Politics

A plant in Iceland might have found a solution a solution to the increasing threat the human species of carbon emissions. The CarbFix Project has converted 95 percent of the CO2 emissions from a geothermal plant into solid carbonate minerals by pumping it into volcanic basalt
In the past, CO2 capture and conversion has been incredibly expensive, requiring a great amount of energy to complete.
In addition, most capture schemes end up losing a lot of carbon to leakage—some up to 75 percent. But using a number of measurements, CarbFix judges that only around 5 percent of the pumped CO2 was escaping.
Because the emissions of the plant are pumped directly into the ground, the CarbFix capture program adds no real extra cost to the plant’s operations.

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