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Morning Motivation | Full Body Stretching | Yoga Workout by Mirra #contortion#yoga#stretching

Published on 01/20/23 / In People & Blogs

Doing Yoga Exercises with Different Poses

In this video, I am going to start by doing a basic "lotus" pose, and then lay back in a supine position, while still having my legs crossed in the "lotus" pose. From there, while still in the supine position on my back, I will go into a "garland" pose. I will do several exercises in this pose. This will stretch your thighs. From the "garland" pose, I will grab hold of my feet and do a split with my legs. Essentially, this looks like a "V" shape with your legs. Next, I will go into a relaxed position. This next pose is called the "saddle". From there, I will go into a semi "deaf man" pose. It is not exactly like the "deaf man" but it is similar. Essentially, I am stretching my legs. Next, I will go into a "seated straddle" pose. I will lean forward as far as I can. This will stretch your legs and back. I will transition into a "frog" pose. I will lie prone, face down towards the floor. I will transition back and forth between the "seated straddle" and "frog" poses. After an exercise routine like this, always remember to do cool down exercises to relax your body.

🧘🏽‍♀️Yoga is serenity. Finding peace within your physical essence🧘🏽‍♀️

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