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My New Yoga Suit 🤩 & Stretching in It | Workout to Increase Your Daily Energy #yoga#stretching

Published on 01/20/23 / In People & Blogs

Yoga Exercises for your Back

In this video, I will begin by doing some warmup stretches before I start the exercise routine. First, I will do an "extended puppy" pose. This will really stretch out your back. Then, I will transition into a "thread the needle" pose. I will again do another "extended puppy" pose. This time, I will reach out with my arms on the floor as far as I can. Next, I will lie prone on the floor. I will raise my buttocks in the air, while bending my knees and placing them on the floor. This will stretch the back muscles as well. The last part of the exercise routine, I will go back into an "extended puppy" pose. I will lean forward and extend my arms as far as possible. As always, please remember to do cool down exercises to relax your body after a workout.

🧘🏽‍♀️Yoga is serenity. Finding peace within your physical essence🧘🏽‍♀️

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