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New Wave Energy Project Attempts to Harness the Power of the Ocean

Published on 07/18/19 / In News & Politics

The force of crashing waves can generate huge amounts of energy.
But there's a catch: how do you develop technology that can withstand the sea's harsh environment with minimum disruption to the ecosystem?
One Israeli-based company, Yam Pro Energy -- believes it can offer the ideal solution and is set to build a wave-energy plant on the coastline of Accra, Ghana's capital city.
Wave technology is an endeavor that has recently been trying to catch up with the likes of solar and wind energy.
It exploits a resource -- the oceans -- that covers 71 per cent of our planet, it's environmentally friendly, mostly cost-free once set up and it could be revolutionary to coastal countries.
"There's so many wave power companies and as many different devices, so finding one that actually works best is trial and error," said Mark Jacobson, who is a Stanford University professor and director at The Solutions Project, a company which aims to help the world move to 100% renewable energy.
However, Yam Pro Energy says its innovative technology is the "best choice in renewable energy systems."
The machinery will utilize the crashing waves to harvest hydraulic pressure and turn it into electricity.
"It was easy," laughed Yam Pro Energy's CEO, Zeev Peretz. "We negotiated (with Ghana) for many years, but in the end we succeeded."
"The demand (for energy) is very big and I think it will help people (improve) their life."
"Floaters" will be connected to wave breakers on the coastline and will bob up and down as waves crash in.

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