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Nutrition Basics: How To Meal Prep 3,000 Calories (Episode 3)

Published on 04/14/20 / In Sports

Nutrition Programmes - https://mikethurston.co.uk/

Total - Cal: 3003kcals, P: 255.8g, F: 67g, CHO: 356g

Meal 1 - 3 Whole Eggs, 3 Egg Whites, 50g Spinach
Cal: 414kcals, P: 30.2g, F: 29g, CHO: 3.6g

Meal 2 - 250g Chicken Breast, 75g Basmati Rice, 100g Green Veg
Cal: 572kcals, P: 68g, F: 3.9g, CHO: 67g

Meal 3 - Minced Beef (5% Fat), 75g Basmati Rice, 100g Green Veg
Cal: 603.8kcals, P: 59.5g, F: 14.6g, CHO: 63.9g

Meal 4: 200g Turkey Breast, 400g Sweet Potato, 100g Green Veg
Cal: 594kcals, P: 55.4g, F: 2.8g, CHO: 91g

Other Meals/Snacks:

- 60g Oatmeal, 1 Scoop EHPLabs OxyWhey (boil or microwave with water/unsweetened almond milk):
Cal: 339.4kcals, P: 33.1g, F: 5.1g, CHO: 41.4g

- 20g Almonds
Cal: 115kcals, P: 4.2g, F: 10g, CHO: 4.4g

- 50g Tomatoes
Cal: 9kcals, P: 0.4g, F: 0.1g, CHO: 1.9g

- 56g (1 Slice) Rye Bread & 1 tbsp Jam
Cal: 172kcals, P: 3.3g, F: 1g, CHO: 34.7g

- Apple
Cal: 78kcals, P: 0.3g, F: 0.3g, CHO: 21g

- Banana
Cal: 105kcals, P: 1.3g, F: 0.4g, CHO: 27g

- Condiments
1 tbsp Olive Oil
Cal: 117kcals, P: 0g, F: 13.6g, CHO: 0g

If we wanted to be extra precise with all the food that was prepared there would be an extra tbsp of olive oil used for the sweet potatoes (another 117 kcals), in addition to the herbs & spices ~50-100kcals, and 2 x tbsp of black coffee ~50kcals which would realistically bring the total to:

Total - Cal: 3200kcals, P: 256g, F: 80g, CHO: 360g

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