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Overwatch Alive Short 60fps 4K professional upscale

Published on 10/18/18 / In Film & Animation

As of this moment Youtube is not done processing this for 4k.
(Blizzard... I am not monetizing this, consider it fair use.)
I professionally upscaled the Overwatch Alive short animation to 4k 60fps from 1080p 24fps, as well as improved the audio some. This was achieved with some advanced editing technique voodoo. No, I didn't just render it as the new settings, I used some advanced techniques and tools and let it render for 16 hours. It is a seriously good 60fps 4k upscale. See for yourself!

A description of how this was achieved...
Between AfterEffects, PremeirPro, Audition, and some high end plugins for each as well as some advanced "restoration/improvement" editing techniques mixed with some good old fashion hand dome frame reconstruction this was made possible.
-First I used AfterEffect's detail preserving scale to make it match the 4k resolution then a series of filters to achieve enhanced edge, color, and detail quality. Then I rendered this out losslessly for 8 hours, the file was then 31GB large.
-Second, using PremeirPro I got a plugin which analysed adjacent frames of the new lossless 4K video and uses them to interpolate extras in between to achieve a somewhat bootleg 60fps. Additional reconstruction work and filters were required to compensate for some negative effects this had. This was then polished off and rendered at very high encoding settings and took 8 more hours to finish.
-Also, the audio was slightly improved with Audition to compensate for compression as well as boost it to make it feel a little more beefy to my ears.

Download the videos to see the difference more clearly.
Here is the original: http://goo.gl/huQjfx
Here is my upscaled version: http://www.mediafire.com/downl....oad/mocglpfzhou7bdn/

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