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Q&A With Mike Thurston - August

Published on 04/14/20 / In Sports

The first instalment of the monthly Q&A. I picked a random selection of questions submitted by you guys over the past few weeks - varying from health & fitness related, to business advice, coaching, my experience in the industry, personal questions and more. I hope you enjoy.

00:32 - What is your 1 Rep Max On Bench, Squat & Deadlift?
01:39 - What’s the worst injury you’ve had?
04:09 - If you weren't in the fitness industry, what else would you be doing?
07:40 - Has it been worth spending a huge portion of your life training rather than doing other enjoyable things such as going out?
10:43 - What job did you do before you were part of the fitness industry?
12:46 - What supplements are you currently taking?
16:32 - What supplements do you not recommend taking?
17:58 - Is there any link with creatine and hair loss?
19:02 - Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
22:15 - Have you considered starting a podcast?
23:39 - What do you think are the most important attributes to have success in life?
25:13 - Cardio right after the workout - should you do it or should you not do it? How much does it actually affect your gains?
28:12 - What music do I listed to when I workout?
29:55 - Why do you not have any tattoos?
31:02 - What is your favourite cheat meal?
32:04 - Who are your role models?
33:36 - Thoughts on the keto diet?
35:05 - Stretching and mobility?
35:15 - What do you think of online trainers who have a "team" interacting with clients?
36:55 - How do you handle seeing people using terrible form in the gym?
39:19 - Why don’t you grow your hair back?
40:55 - What do you do in your spare time?
43:22 - Plans for the next 6 months
44:11 - What are you most self conscious about?
46:02 - How do you start getting clients as a personal trainer starting from scratch?
47:28 - Is it better to do 1 on 1 training in person or all online?
48:42 - Do you prioritize strength training at all? Or just hypertrophy?
49:54 - Thoughts on Dorian Yates' training method of one all out working set per exercise?
54:32 - Wrapping it up

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