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Some Good News Australia #somegoodnews #downsyndrome

Published on 18 Apr 2020 / In People & Blogs

We were so impressed by John Krasinski's new YouTube Channel, Some Good News or SGN, that we decided to do a tribute video. Elijah acted it out nearly as well as John! We hope you like it - John joked about lawyers and copyright, but said he likes people doing copies, so I hope this is ok. It's more about spreading awareness for Down syndrome! Elijah is such a star pulling off this script at short notice!

The Elijah and Crumpet Show is MADE FOR ADULTS, to inspire and educate them about life with Down Syndrome.

Our new book, MOTIVATE MAN, will be available from March 2020. Please leave a review on Amazon!

Please visit our blog: https://elijahandcrumpet.wordpress.com , where Dad has the chance to write with a deeper voice about all sorts of topics relating to the show and life in general!

Also get on our mailing list by emailing us here: [email protected] for updates about our book series straight to your inbox! (We won't share your information with anyone).

Illustrator Andy Marshall's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCgomXlyZvSZbeEO-Q

Media articles:
25th February 2019 - Gary Nunn kickstarted our YouTube success story with this lovely article:

5th March 2019 - The Today Show filmed Elijah at home creating a show with Crumpet, plus interview with Mum and Elijah:

1st September 2019 - Elijah and Crumpet meet Hugh Jackman!

- Elijah and Crumpet have made over 200 videos since they started in September 2018! In 2019 they reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, 4,000 on Instagram plus some on Twitter too! These two have a bright future, so please subscribe, like, share and join them on their journey as YouTubers (and Instagrammers @ElijahandCrumpet )!

You can also follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/ElijahCrumpet

Reasons for the show:
1. Elijah wanted to be a famous YouTuber (thanks to his big brother).
2. Elijah loves performing and watching himself performing.
3. Elijah loves having fun with Crumpet.
4. Rehearsing and putting together the show is a great learning opportunity for Elijah, as he has to remember the plan, practice and learn to stay on task.
5. Being a YouTuber is a socially valued role, which means that others view Elijah in a positive light, which helps with inclusion.
6. The show allows Elijah to show off what he can do, helping to break down misconceptions about people with disability.
7. Seeing the shows give others the opportunity to strike up conversation with Elijah, which promotes friendships.
8. Seeing Elijah will hopefully motivate and inspire other parents who may just be at the start of their journey.
9. Seeing Elijah produce this content may inspire others to become YouTubers themselves!
10. We can provide some educational content around learning languages, travel, reading and general life skills.
11. We are able to share a lot of fun times together and have some great clips to look back on later in life!

#NoSmallArtist ... a series intended to inspire and motivate both kids and adults to get painting!

The ability to create art is in all of us and, fortunately, there are many styles and techniques which cater for all levels. Abstract Art is the most obvious one which allows absolute beginners to produce something meaningful. Art is as much the thought process as the physical painting, which lends itself to beginners. We just have to get started, which is a barrier to many. Hopefully seeing Elijah and Crumpet getting stuck into the creative process will encourage you to do the same. We can guide you with what we learn along the way.

#DownSyndrome - In case you are wondering, Elijah has Down Syndrome (DS) (also called Down's Syndrome in some parts of the world and also known as Trisomy 21). To learn more, please search for local websites.

#PracticeMakesPerfec = Our Practice Makes Perfect hashtag as we have done so much of that over the years! The missing T symbolises that being perfect isn't the most important thing, it's the aim that matters and the hard work that we put in. We may never reach perfection and that's ok.

#nosmallcreator = a community of YouTube creators we joined. They support each other with ideas, encouragement, views so that we can learn these new skills and grow our channels together.

#NoSmallArtist #DownSyndrome #PracticeMakesPerfec

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