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Student Kept Awake For A Week After Parasite Burrows Through Her Eyeball

Published on 07/18/19 / In News & Politics

OK, this is the worst medical condition you’ll hear about today. It all started to go wrong for 18-year-old Jessica Greaney after a drop of tap water splashed on her contact lens. As a result, the bacteria Acanthamoeba keratitis got into her eye and began to bury its way in. Greaney, a first year English student at the University of Nottingham, thought she had an eye infection as her eyelid began to droop – she said doctors initially thought it might be eye herpes. The only way she could be treated was with eyedrops that had to be administered every ten minutes. And that meant Greaney had to be kept awake FOR A WEEK. She has apparently healed, although she writes: “I’m still on 22 eye drops a day, but this has decreased from 41 – and hopefully will continue to decline with every hospital appointment and check up. Still beats nearly being killed by a bug.”


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