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the story of my “SWOLLEN” belly. | Pamela Reif

Published on 05 Jun 2020 / In Sports

Abonnieren nicht vergessen & Glocke aktivieren !!!

I’m super nervous to upload this personal video 😅 last year my stomach was „randomly“ swelling up after eating any kind of food. It went back to normal over night & the next day, when I started eating food, it started to get thick and swollen again. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I’m not talking about a normal „there’s food in my belly“ feeling - it was clearly way bigger than the amount of food I ate. My life is better when I don’t have that issue. I hope I can help some of you with my story! Please watch the whole video, I tried to explain everything in detail 💖.
The next video will be about BLOATING 💨💨💨 Meaning you eat a certain food, you react to it & get gas or liquid inside of your tummy.. something you want to RELEASE hahah 💨😂 I still get bloated when I eat certain kinds of foods. But this is a topic for another day ☺️

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