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Tragic Details About Kim Kardashian

Published on 08/07/21 / In Entertainment

Kim Kardashian looks to be living a charmed and luxurious life, and why wouldn’t she? She is reaping the profits of both her reality TV and fashion/beauty empire that she has created with her family.

The controversial reality TV star is not shy about flaunting her wealth and success, and has mastered the art of making a profit for being famous for being famous.

But behind all the fame and fortune, Kardashian has been through her fair share of tragedy, as well as obstacles in her life. Yes, it may be hard to believe, so we’ve made a video that unveils the tragic details about Kim Kardashian.

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Her parents' divorce | 0:00
Trial of the century | 1:11
Losing her father | 2:09
The leaked tape | 2:54
The 72-day marriage | 3:50
Paris robbery | 4:51
Road to motherhood | 5:38
Body-shaming | 6:36
Kanye's battles | 7:26
Kimye vs the press | 8:19
Growing pains | 9:15

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