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Ultimate Dorm Room Design 3 Ways

Published on 18 Apr 2020 / In People & Blogs

Boho, Eclectic, and Colorblocked looks to make your dorm a DO! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE FUN: http://bit.ly/mrkateyoutube

What better way to start the school year than with a room that's got a style all its own? With these three decor tutorials, you can transform a basic space into your dream bedroom. If you're not in school, these decor tips are perfect for rentals, small rooms, or any space that needs a new look!

Check out the blog post for more details: http://mrkate.com/2016/07/17/d....orm-roomsmall-bedroo

Shop this video:

Boho Room:

Carpet - http://bit.ly/29yPopH
Crochet Curtain - http://bit.ly/29x7R27
Side Tables (similar) - http://bit.ly/29xgfyp
Moroccan Pouf - http://bit.ly/29GZQYp
Cane Chair (similar) - http://bit.ly/29vUwe9
Patterned Body Pillow - http://bit.ly/29x7UL7
Gold Pillow - http://bit.ly/29zUkqD
Moroccan Shag Pillow (similar) - http://bit.ly/29xbPrr
Brass Lamp (similar) - http://bit.ly/29vQIcQ
Jewelry Display - http://bit.ly/29x5RXM
Pendant Lights - http://bit.ly/29vYLGv

Modern, Eclectic Room:

Carpet - http://bit.ly/29vQ4fo
Hashtag Wall Art - http://bit.ly/29vSBWV
Blue Bedding - http://bit.ly/29xqvXo
Marble Pillows - http://bit.ly/29vOPN3
Gray and Yellow Throw Pillow - http://bit.ly/29ywIq1
Acrylic Side Table (similar) - http://bit.ly/29x9lt7
Brass Lamp - http://bit.ly/29vR96Z
White Table Lamp - http://bit.ly/29zYZbO
Leather Butterfly Chair - http://bit.ly/29zYFdm
White Side Table (similar) - http://bit.ly/29zYQFn
White Desk Chair - http://bit.ly/29yAWxG
Pendant Light - http://bit.ly/29ywSxj
Tassel Pillow - http://bit.ly/29A52gG
Teal Pouf - http://bit.ly/29A5AmA

Pink Room:

Pastel Tribal Print Rug: http://bit.ly/29H19Xa
Antler Wall Art - http://bit.ly/29yITCV
Quilted Pillow - http://bit.ly/29yxG5l
Patterned Tassel Pillow - http://bit.ly/29yyG9y
Pink Throw Blanket - http://bit.ly/29zUtdp
Bow Pillow - http://bit.ly/29yxwuS
Diamond Patterned Pillow - http://bit.ly/29ywqiE
Coral Pleated Pillow - http://bit.ly/29ywDlU
Copper Drum Table - http://bit.ly/29yIUXD
Unicorn Lamp - http://bit.ly/29zTg5V
Glitter Instant Photo Frame: http://bit.ly/29FBhim
Rolling Cart (similar) - http://bit.ly/29A6i3i
Wire Jewel Wall Art - http://bit.ly/29A6gIQ
Desk Chair - http://bit.ly/29A6Juv
Polka Dot Wrapping Paper - http://bit.ly/29yKQiR
Donut Wrapping Paper - http://bit.ly/29A7Iea

For more shoppable items, check out the blog post: http://mrkate.com/2016/07/17/d....orm-roomsmall-bedroo

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Creative Credit:

Audio Tracks: ES_Strike A Blow For Joy 2 - Victor Ohlsson.mp3, ES_Move Your Body - Anders Lystell, ES_Hotshot 1 - Niklas Ahlström-3.mp3, ES_Do What You Do (Instrumental Version) - Cacti.mp3, ES_Better Days 1 - Anders Schill Paulsen.mp3, ES_PREL Musical Piano 5 - SFX Producer-2.mp3, Deep fast whoosh.mp3

A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Shot by: Brad Etter and Sofia Draco
Edited by: Sarah LeJeune

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